Call me Pip

one, a mix of two, or all are okay!
fanfic author, artist, other things

Things I like

  • ❤️❤️Pokémon❤️❤️

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Musicals

  • Disney

  • Sailor Moon

  • Miis

Music I like

  • Lemon Demon

  • The Beatles

  • The Monkees

  • Benny Goodman

  • They Might Be Giants

  • ABBA

  • The B-52s

  • Video game OSTs

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks (shut up jk jk)

  • The Rat Pack

  • Uttara-Kuru

  • Naoyuki Onda

  • I like lots of different music across genres and eras lol

Favorite Pokémon characters

  • 💙Wallace💙

  • 💜Winona💜

  • ❤️Steven❤️

  • Tate and Liza

  • Lucy

  • Grant

  • Viola

  • Valerie

  • Siebold

  • Olympia

  • Diantha

  • tbh anyone from Gen 3 and 6

  • Riley

  • Cheryl

  • Cheren

  • Nessa

  • Sonia

  • Raihan

  • Peony

  • Blue

  • Erika

  • Sabrina

  • Karen

  • Will

  • Volkner

  • Morty

  • Lana

  • Kahili

  • Olivia

Favorite Ships

  • 💜💜GracefulShipping (Wallace x Winona)💜💜

  • 💙💙AquaHeartShipping (Nessa x Sonia)💙💙

  • SabotageShipping (Wallace x Winona x Steven) (it's a guilty pleasure ok?)

  • FemmeGymShipping (Sabrina x Erika)

  • FleurdeGrandeShipping (Grant x Viola)

  • FrostedFairyShipping (Siebold x Valerie)

  • FeastShipping (Grant x Valerie x Siebold)

  • TrueRivalShipping (Raihan x Leon)

  • DarkSteelShipping (Steven x Cynthia)

  • AoShipping (Riley x Cheryl)

  • MasakudoShipping (Will x Karen)

  • AirplaneShipping (Elesa x Skyla)

  • SteelLairShipping (Jasmine x Clair)

  • PikeMaidenShipping (Anabel x Lucy)

  • MonolithShipping (Brock x Olivia)

  • SacredShipping (Morty x Eusine)

  • RockSmashShipping (Roxanne x Brawly)

  • MossShipping (Roark x Gardenia)

  • DualRivalShipping (Cheren x Bianca)

  • PinkPaintShipping (Ilima x Mina)

  • AquariumPlantShipping (Mallow x Lana)

  • HardenShipping (Archie x Maxie)

Before You Follow

  • I have anxiety and autism, and I may do things such as not respond immediately, overshare, unfollow and then follow, temporarily block, etc.

  • I'm not comfortable with DMs unless I reach out first or we arrange something first.

  • I talk about things I like a lot. It's okay if you don't like the things I like. It's not okay to constantly talk to me about how you don't like the things I like.

  • I write a lot of edgy/angsty/horny stuff (On Tumblr, I keep nsfw content on a separate blog, and I always tag CWs and ratings.) Not sure if it's "Dead Dove: Do Not Eat", but the spirit of it is there. Keep yourself safe. Heed the warnings.

  • I get easily triggered by hopelessness, gore, pr0 ana content, and the like. I've got to engage with darker topics on my own terms, and getting surprised by that stuff while scrolling my feed is very detrimental to my mental health. So if you're a mutual... please tag that stuff and tell me how you tag it so I can blacklist tags as needed.

  • Uhhhh standard dni: bigots go away. If you try to stay, I'll just block you.